“A great book with some wonderful memories! Especially for someone like me who grew up in the 1970s. Great value and great reading if you enjoy your sport”.
Nigel, Hertfordshire

“As someone who is not a fan of cricket, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed and gained from this book, particularly for the wider perspective of a rich cultural world I have not been a part of. A great read, passionate, very informative and entertaining”.
Chloe, London

John Stevenson with a copy of 1973 and Me

John Stevenson

“Born into a traditional West Indian family later in that decade – I knew what cricket meant to the community. Colin’s 1973 and Me is a wonderful insight”.
Trev aka Taye Adwa from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire  

“A warm and captivating read with a legendary cast of characters”.
Lainy Malkani, Director of the Social History Hub, author and journalist

“A really enjoyable read, mixing history, cricket, personal recollections from childhood and a healthy dose of nostalgia”.
Tim Mansfield, Lancaster 

“Wonderful reading!”
Shafeeza Ali-Motilal, Trinidad   

“A treasure trove of fascinating historical details and personal stories”.
John Stevenson, broadcaster and journalist, London

Lance Gibbs, Alvin Kallicharan, Rohan Kanhai, Clive Lloyd, Ron Headley, Frank Hayes, Keith Fletcher, Sacha Distel, Johnny Kwango, Red Rum, Clyde Best, Albert Johanneson, Shirley Bassey, Edward Heath, Harold Wilson, The Common Market, CARICOM, Guyana, Love Thy Neighbour, primary school dinners, curry and roti, Leeds United, South London life in the 70s and more feature in 1973 and Me.

1973 and Me also features exclusive Q&As with Harold ‘Dickie’ Bird, Deryck Murray on Inshan Ali, and Colin Grant on The Wailers 1973 tour of Britain.  

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