1973 and Me

1973 and Me is about my life as a young schoolboy born into a Caribbean family in 1970s Britain alongside a string of events which happened that year. These include the 1973 West Indies cricket tour of England.

1973 and Me is my third book for Hansib publications.

In the summer of 1973, could the West Indies erase the disappointment of their previous England tour in 1969? Could they produce a rewarding experience for thousands of Caribbean migrants in Britain and their British born descendants?

1973 and Me outlines the significance of this tour for the Caribbean diaspora and others in Britain. 

1973 and Me reveals why 1973 was a landmark year for many of the contributors to the book. It also reflects on patterns of my family and Caribbean migration, wider perspectives on comedy, history, identity, music and politics, and the shared family experiences of watching television in 1970s Britain.

All of this is revealed with a fascinating collection of memorable events and interplay with the 1973 West Indies tour.  

1973 and Me has been described as revealing ‘a beautiful talent for immersing the reader into history, allowing them to feel and share the journey of our pasts’.

Dennis Amiss, Dickie Bird, Keith Fletcher, Maurice Foster, Lance Gibbs, Colin Grant, Frank Hayes, Ron Headley, Vanburn Holder, Alvin Kallicharan, Simon Lister, Professor Joe Moran, Deryck Murray, Joseph ‘Reds’ Perreira and Professor Clem Seecharan are some of the contributors who shared their memories, opinions and stories for 1973 and Me.

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