News 2022

Author event for the African Caribbean Cricket Association at The Oval, London, 26 October 2022

Colin Babb signing books at The Oval

Many thanks to all members of the African Caribbean Cricket Association who supported my author event in the Mark Butcher Room at The Oval cricket ground.

The African Caribbean Cricket Association aims to inspire young British people with African and Caribbean heritage to play and excel at cricket.

Following my talk, there was a lively question and answer session, and passionate debates about the past, present and future of West Indian cricket and the Caribbean diaspora in Britain. Copies of 1973 and Me and They Gave the Crowd Plenty Fun were signed and sold, and the audience also enjoyed chicken, patties and more!

Many thanks again to Lonsdale Skinner, a contributor to 1973 and Me, for helping to organise the event and supplying some positive post-event feedback. Lonsdale Skinner is the Chairman of the African Caribbean Cricket Association and played with distinction for Surrey CCC and Guyana.

Meet the author event at Roehampton Library, London, 19 October 2022

Colin Babb at Roehampton library

Many thanks to everyone who supported my event at Roehampton Library for Wandsworth libraries Black History Month (BHM) 2022.

BHM is celebrated in the month of October and Wandsworth Council and Wandsworth Libraries marked this annual commemoration with a series of events and activities. 

“Colin’s talk was very informative and engaging, and taught me a lot about the history of Guyana and Northern South America. Particularly how culture and politics bleed into one another. It was entertaining and engaging for people who don’t love cricket, and I enjoyed listening to Colin’s personal stories.”
Patrick Malone, Library Manager, Roehampton Library

Special thanks to Andrea, Patrick and the team at Roehampton for organising and managing the event, and my farewell refreshments takeaway!

From the Caribbean to the Balkans – for Caribbean Intelligence, 26 September 2022

Kellian Daniel

Kellian Daniel is the first Caribbean person I’ve met in Albania during several trips to the country in the last 20 years.

She describes herself as “The only Caribbean person I know in Albania with, of course, my family!” Her father is from Desruisseaux in St. Lucia and her mother from Princes Town, Trinidad.

Kellian shared her story with me for Caribbean Intelligence about why her family arrived in Albania, her businesses, her passion for music, and learning a new language.

Despite being home schooled in English by her family, Kellian was determined to learn Albanian and integrate with the communities she lived with in Tirana and Korçë.

Read the article.

Author event at Chestnut Grove Academy, London, 13 January 2022

Many thanks to the Sixth Form students and staff who invited me to present an author event at Chestnut Grove Academy, Balham, London.

During the talk, stories were told and shared about social and cultural identity, the value of nostalgia and memory, Derby County, Guyana, the Caribbean, cricket, South London, my 1970s childhood, UK politics, music and watching television. The talk was followed by a lively question and answer session.

“It was so interesting to hear a perspective that you don’t often get to. I didn’t expect cricket to evoke such an important impact.”
Josie and Tilly, Sixth Form students

“I found the talk really enlightening and it opened my eyes to the importance of sport within culture.”
Zahra, Sixth Form student

“Colin gave an insightful, fascinating and engaging presentation of the importance of cricket in his life and a vivid image of the year 1973. The intersections between sport, television and politics that Colin talked about not only emphasised the differences between now and then, but also the significant effects of a game like cricket on the lives and pastimes of so many.”
Yasmina, Sixth Form student

Many thanks to Yasmina and Ms Gordedo for the warm welcome and organising the event.

Pics from the event at Chestnut Grove.