1973 and Me has been revised and updated for 2024. 

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“1973 and Me articulates, with a vivid authority, the journey made from West Indian boyhood to British manhood. And the guiding light on this twisting and sometimes uncertain road is cricket. Caribbean cricket. Colin sets out with humour and deep understanding how the game informed his identity.”
Simon Lister, author of Worrell: The Brief But Brilliant Life of a Caribbean Cricket Pioneer, Fire in Babylon: How the West Indies Cricket Team Brought a People to its Feet, and Supercat: The Authorised Biography of Clive Lloyd 

“I’m really impressed by what Colin Babb has done with this book. It’s ostensibly about cricket which was one of the building blocks of our community. But he also talks about how he grew up in Britain, his relationships with the communities in front of him, and the significance of West Indian cricket in all their lives.”
Mike Phillips, academic, author, broadcaster and journalist

“Colin Babb illustrates a wonderfully evocative portrait of 1970s history, with a community linked by its migration and diversity. Born into a Caribbean family, his book follows his childhood in a heavily populated Caribbean area of London seen alongside a nostalgic backdrop of football, TV and music. Amid the adult world of rum and dominoes, colour televisions were introduced into the social hub and through those faded technicolour pictures, cricket became the crux of his world; the 1973 Test series the catalyst.”
Annie Chave, Editor of County Cricket Matters and Broadcaster at Guerilla Cricket

“1973 and Me is a vital account of the spirit, dynamism and cultural transformation of cricket brought about by West Indian cricketers. It is told with verve and brio by Colin Babb and along the way gives the reader plenty of fun.”
Colin Grant, historian, author and broadcaster

“Descriptions of the cricket are enjoyable but the real strength of this charming account lies in Babb’s descriptions of the Caribbean’s political history and recollections of family life.”
Barry Nicholls, Australian Cricket Digest (volume nine)

“There is so much depth in 1973 and Me, and the book is full of wonderful stories and reminiscences, and brings that year back to me – today.”
Nick Tudball, Editor, The Journal of the Cricket Society 

“A warm and captivating read with a legendary cast of characters.”
Lainy Malkani, Director of the Social History Hub, author and journalist

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They Gave the Crowd Plenty Fun has been reprinted for 2024.

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“A thoughtful and timely piece of work which should make a major contribution to the continuing debate about the impact of West Indian cricket, and appeal to cricket fans and non-cricket afficionados alike.”
Lord Bill Morris of Handsworth OJ

“Colin has brought out, with tremendous power and depth, how important the achievements of West Indian cricket were to the self-respect and sense of identity of West Indian people in Britain.”
Clem Seecharan, Emeritus Professor of History, London Metropolitan University

“Without this book, a significant and very important part of British and Caribbean history would go amiss. Sincere thanks for a well-researched and very enjoyable piece of work.”
Karen Hunte, Chair, Caribbean Politics, British Political Studies Association 

“This book is a must-read for all generations of the West Indian cricket diaspora. The unbridled success of West Indian cricket teams that toured England from the 1950s to the 1980s may never be replicated in terms of their social, economic and cultural impact on the lives of Caribbean people in Britain.”
Reza Abasali, lecturer in West Indian cricket history, teacher and broadcaster, Trinidad

“Really enjoyed the book. More please!”
Philip Daniels, Curator, West Indies Cricket Heritage Centre, Grenada

“Colin hosted an evening of entertainment at Balham Library recently to promote his excellent book They Gave the Crowd Plenty Fun. Not only is Colin an accomplished author, he also has great skills in event organisation and publicity.
Jeremy Travers, Sector Libraries Manager

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